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Introduction continued

What's your most memorable art "moment" or "experience"? Can be funny, ridiculous, enlightening, confusing, mind-blowing etc.
stunned, amazed, hypnotized by a Klee, Kandinsky, Richter, Miro et al -

as my brain follows every little brush stroke, color, tracing the process of creation - over and over again I must return to that work - my better work has the same effect on me, as if an-other produced it and not me...

Do you have to be sad or depressed or troubled to do good art?

I don't know if it's sad or depressed or euphoric. all of this and much more - these are just the symptoms of the deep 'anxiety' in me until I explored it in a painting...

does it matter if others like your work?

I'm always amazed at the different pictures different people 'like' - not to say 'nice' words about it, but when they identify some of the problems and answers in a work.

I hope the stress in me comes over in my work, but as being solved at the same time

My inspiration is

'm being eaten away in the inside until I express my present aesthetic problem by painting and exploring and solving it in that way - that tension inside is my compulsion and inspiration - van Gogh was driven on by it, and a few other artists - we've got not choice in the matter, it's just the way we're put together, unfortunately.

What does creativity mean to you?

hell - never being satisfied with existing questions and answers in any area of life - other possibilities always exist - and must be realized, endlessly.

Why become an artist?

It's just the way I'm put together, I've got no choice in the matter. I've got the same exploring attitude in philosophy, science, etc - not satisfied with existing questions and answers

What does success mean to you?

The few seconds when another work has been completed successfully before I start another one, but immediately I question it and must work again, as only the process of painting itself identifies the questions/problems and an answer.. for a short while and unending -- like all creation, the process if never completed..

What time and place would you most like to experience other than the one you are in now?

I'm already experiencing it - the eternity beyond space and time when someone is sensitive, sincere, honest, gentle and kind - and they don't even get paid or another reward for just being pleasantly human - like my 4 big American Pitbull dogs, always loving, so innocent like children - when being drawn out of oneself and the present place and time by a certain musical piece, a few words in a poem or novel, when beauty and truth meet in science, when being hypnotized by a painting. The eternity in every present moment when one, finally, in old age, reached inner peace...