ART for ART'S sake

cleansing (mis) conceptions

about visual art

art for art’s sake – cleansing (mis) conceptions

I do visual art and more specifically (and intentionally choose to work in) the genre of painting of the Western tradition. I attempt to explore and develop this tradition, the code of this discourse, its norms and aesthetic ideals. I therefore paint for other artists, especially those of the future, and perhaps for other isolated individuals interested in this. In other words: art for the sake of (the tradition of Western ) art. I do not paint to satisfy critics, curators, to have exhibitions, etc

When the artist completed his/her work it is out of ‘his/her hands’ (literally and figuratively) and becomes (rightfully or wrongly, well interpreted and perceived or misunderstood in and as )the perceptions and interpretations in the minds of viewers.

This series of painting (see Facebook – for uploaded series or my website for slide shows of series of paintings – www:// titled: cleansing (of all unnecessary frills, little interesting marks, colours, textures etc used to adorn and attempting to make ‘interesting’ paintings or ” marks on paper/support work” in contemporary art),