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au natural

I am/was hardly known in my life time, apart from a few thousand on Linkedin, my 2 blogs, Facebook, Instagram - because I live as a hermit, removed from all social life, so that I can just paint, paint and paint - and reflect and write (philosophy and sociology of life, existence, culture, art).

I create, as I live, as if there is no human being who interferes, intervenes, creates (paints) - as if everything just happens, ‘just is’ - like water flows, the ocean, a tree grows (or dies) in the forest, like light creates colors, gravity and other natural forces.
Like Zen Buddhists, Christian and other mystics, Jains, Sufis - we just leave everything as we find it.
This is what all arts have ever attempted to do. But, especially and more specifically so-called
modern, contemporary and (post-) post-modern art, Critical Theory, (post) deconstruction attempt to, and all philosophy tried to depict by means of reflection on first order existence -
as if, it merely mirrors and reflects what it comes across.

Nowadays many artist are aware of this, previously few reflected on this. All creatives are/were aware of this attitude, the state of mind, this style of conscious awareness, this way of 'just being', all mystics knew that - realizing the Buddha mind, being oned with Eckhart's Godhead, the one real self of Vedanta, the Father of Jesus, etc, etc.