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To me 'asemic' as in asemic writing - appears to deal with the subliminal. That what is before or pre-conceptual and that what is after or post-conceptual.
Asemic seems to emphasize the latter as those using the term refers to the post-literate.
Exanples of what is pre- and/or post-conceptual - all our emotions and feelings of love, hate, jealousy, mourning and loss, falling or feeling in love, when
 experience a sunset, rainbow, fear, when we listen to music, see a dance (for example the Whirling Dervishes), when we view a painting, etc.  The best
example is perhaps an orgasm, the 'holistic' state of undergoing and orgasm.
At the pre- and post-conceptual stage we participate in, experience directly or relate to 'something', a state, painting,
 piece of music etc in a subliminal manner, before having restricted them by concepts.