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a few of my reflections on

visual art,



by experiments - like Paul Klee did with drawing - for example when does a line walking becomes a fomr or shape? - in my case with 1) colour of the same painting, 2) form and 3) the fact that painting and visual art deals only with space (unlike music dealing wityh time and poerty, novels, films etc dealing with both space and time) structuring, deconstructing, re-constructing space - I explore , research and investigate the basic of visual art, and in this manner remove the seeming mystery and magics = the MYTHS, that cloud over our perception in daily life and art. The result is to assist us to see clearer, perceive details, dimensions and other aspects we have not yet deveoped and acuired. It is a 'taste', or perception, pre-conceptual awareness that are being explored.