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au naturel

I create, as I live, as if there is no human being who interferes, intervenes, creates (paints) -  as if everything just happens, ‘just is’ - like water flows, the ocean, a tree grows (or dies) in the forest, like light creates colors, gravity and other natural forces.
Like Zen buddhists, Christian  and other  mystics, Jains, Sufis - we just leave everything as we find it.
This is what all arts have ever attempted to do. But, especially and more specifically so-called
modern, contemporary and (post-) post-modern art, Critical Theory, (post) deconstruction attempt to, and all philosophy tried to depict by means of reflection on first order existence -
as if, it merely mirrors and reflects what it comes across.

My work is an Exploration of the Western tradition of visual art and more specifically the genre of painting. I continue this by philosophical and sociological research into culture and art, the nature of the process of painting in my books, blogs (Wordpress and Blogger) and site (www.newstylesgallery.info). Many slide shows of my work can be seen on my site and videos on You Tube.