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I do visual art and more specifically (and  intentionally choose to work in) the genre of painting of the western tradition. I attempt to explore and  develop this tradition, the code of this discourse, its norms and aesthetic ideals. I therefore paint for other artists, especially those of the future, and perhaps for  isolated individuals interested in this. In other words: art for the sake of (the tradition of) art.  Not to satisfy critics, curators, to have exhibitions, etc.

When the artist completed his/her work it is out of 'his/her hands' (litetally and figuratively) and becomes the perceotions and interpretations in the minds of viewers.

this series titled: cleansing (of all unnecessary frills, little interesting marks, colours, textures etc used to adorn and attempting to make 'interesting'  paintings or " marks on paper/support work" in contemporary art), ulrich


this series titled: cleansing (of all unnecessary frills, little interesting marks, colours, textures etc used to adorn and try to make interesting " marks on paper/support work" in contemporart art), ulrich


When the artist completed the work of art it is 'out of his hands' (literally and figuratively speaking).
Then the viewer , the perception and mind of the viewer can do with the work whatever she wishes. The artists can do nothing about the interpretations projected on his work by viewers.
The following from a professor in the USA, Rt Rev Dr  David Tetrault -
When we try to talk about art and music, we've already deprived it of whatever resonance it had. That's been the trouble with theology over the centuries.  I've often stolen Henri Nouwen's phrase "living reminder" to describe what's been lost over the centuries.  Our attempts to isolate the sacred kills it.  Period.
That's why your painting is so important. Most who experience its power want someone to tell them what it is.  We don't, in many cases, even ask them what they see. "Who do you say that I am?" is one of the gospel's most important questions. And my answer to that maybe very different than Peter's.

You are always welcome to take work and use it because I know you get what I'm talking about.  This is a strange time in history. We face cataclysmic transformation that is without conventional answers. We are, however, awash in a field of resonant wisdom.  There is a huge sound and light show going on somewhere that is agitating the entire "field" of matter itself. My conventional body is afraid because its sensing capacities are limited by enculturation and objective knowledge. I know there's something else. I just have to realize that a primitive part of my brain remains interested in my physical survival.