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LE MUSEE D'ART MODERNE CARTHAGE EPIC ouvre bientôt ses portes
 C'est Là un précieux acquis pour la culture tunisienne; culture tunisienne que des forces obscures veulent démanteler.

Prof  MUSTAPHA CHELBI et Dr MOHAMED OUERTANI ont le plaisir de vous présenter la liste des artistes présents au sein de cet édifice prestigieux
 Tunisie: Alia B. Alia Kateb, Argoubi Kaouther, Babba Othman,

 France: Galerie Furstenberg, Galerie Prouté, Galerie Christiane Vallé, Château de Val, Musée , Monet, Murayama, Claude et Corinne Pissarro, Priking, , Ulrich de Balbian,

Espagne, Picasso,  Dali

et autres peintres témoins de notre temps


The average human brain attempts to perceive AS IF

phenomena (that what is perceived, thought, felt, experienced etc)

are harmonious, forming a unity, in balance, etc

(for example by creating symmetry, harmony of colours,

balancing shapes and forms, etc|).

I intentionally try to work a bit (or a lot) 'off'.

That is , by colours, composition, techniques, forms, etc,

I attempt to create some degree of disharmony, disunity,

discomfort, imbalance, an object, form, colour apparently not fitting

with the whole.

Find finds this in the work of some contemporary artists, for example Cy Twombly, some of the work

of  Matisse and others.

Compare that to the balance produced by the work of for example Klee, Kandinsky,

Mondriaan and most traditional painting of people, landscapes, still lifes etc. Including the

work of Picasso, cubism, impressionism, Richter, et al.