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Serious artists (like composers and creative scientists) do not work for themselves, but they are detecting and exploring new avenues for generationsstill  to come. We lay the foundations for future explorations. An example: if it were not for the Impressionists,  , Kandinsky, Twombly et al, we would not have been able to execute our present experiments. We are all part of the discourse of visual art, endlessly questioning, developing, modifying, tramsforming and extending the code of this discourse (the same as the creative thinking philosopher, architect, scientist, writer, composer etc extend and transform the codes of their own discousres).

Today's work can be seen, if you so, as exploring the doors (often blocked) and to other  (and with a few glimpses of those inner worlds) such as our inner selves. There where innocence, creativity, passion, love , imagination resides. But apart from these more positive aspects of the human being, there we also find the origins of the negative ones, such as hate, violence, dishonesty, unfaithfulness etc.it is up to the individual to make his choice, to decide what kind of person s/he wishes to be/come.


Yes Andrea. I always, unintentionally, work in series and in this way explore and develop certain techniques, etc. Then I reject that and commence again as if for the first time. I see my work as explorative.

Contemporary art , after World War II, the explorative and experimental artists, concentrate on the surface of the support. They, we explore  what and how painting is, how it is executed, the process of  painting as making 'marks' on paper' They, we do not attempt to depict or represent objects. If any objects are depicted , they are merely the result of such explorations and not their aim. ulrich

  • Gregory Milburn busy busy busy man! your rate of productivity is staggering my busy friend!
  • Ulrich de Balbian ha ha Gregory - took years to develop- couple of skills, techniques etc now they jusy apply themselves - I'm just the channel 24/7, effortlessly
  • Ulrich de Balbian my entire life, from a small child , through university and beyond - everyone, who could not do anything original themselves - all used to tell me: you cant do this, you cant do that, you cant do it like that - so now I say to them all 'f...off' - that is the only way to get on with what you have to do - not care what the backward looking and thinking world want to force you to be or to do. If people obeyed that, we would all still have been cave wo/men. Thankfully there always has been wo/men who threw off the shackles society tried to impose on their minds and lives..