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As I posted before:

the painter combats space. Our battles consist of trying to structure, re-structure and transform the space of the paper, canvas, wall etc we work on.

The musician and composer deal with time, and structuring and transforming it.

Films, videos, novels, poems deal with both time and space.
The traditional masters and figurative or representational painters employed ILLUSIONS (of space, light, perspectives and representing objects such as people, houses, flowers,
 animals , landscapes, still lives etc) to battle with space. the space of the support, paper, canvas etc.

Someone here wrote that my work is very 'suggestive'.

That hits it right on the nail and to me is a massive compliment, as that is what I intend, and why I work non-figurative or -representational;

as in this way one can suggest an infi

nite number of (always changing) states, moods or different things - depending on the viewer - rather than trying to represent the illusion of one familiar thing or object (such as a person, a flower, a sunset, etc).

Thanks again to all for viewing my humble offerings, in a universe already saturated with bliss, wonder and endless moments of amazing beauty. How dare anyone of us attempt to add our meagre (or as Facebook corrects it to the US meager) attempts to that cosmos.


SLIDESHOW work 22 AUGUST, 2012 onwards.

My art makes the

Always close/r to the

he/art of  CREATION,


never, near enough,



My paintings are merely


The viewer interprets them and completes them in his/her own mind -

in endless different ways

(depending on the viewer's attitude at that moment)


THIS, was the first part of my reply -
thanks for taking the time to write - profound questions.

I published about 15 books - philosophy and related when in my 20's, 30's. Sold out. I spent decades on that 'spirituality' stuff, con
templation all world faiths, neuroscience etc.
Painted in between, started painting full time again 3 years go.

As a beginning read this - his best book gives a summary of many people's search, exploration, experience of the 'unity experience'. Xtians call it, mystics, like Master Eckhart calls it - becoming One with the One, the Godhead (the ineffable, the infinite, the eternal), Vedanta calls it realizing our One Real self, self- or god-realization, budhists - enlightement (experiencing, becoming the voi, the one, supreme consciousness/awareness, Sufis= one with the Beloved - some of them were killed because they said, when I look under my coat, only 'God, the beloved' I found there.
Neuroscience look into all this more and more - this US caucasiian, gives excellent summary of this -the mystic vision. FREE download on his site.
Hosted by Swami Abhayananda
This site is intended to serve as a resource center for information about the lives and teachings of the mystics.


I replied this to a very kind gentleman who wrote me here - might be of interest to others. NOT what I have to say, but what you discover about yourself.

I used to be a prof in phil, theology etc - and lived as a hermit for decades.
See th
e 10 Chinese Oxherding pictures.


We seek our real Self, the One Self of all beings. That is the ox. The few who finally find the ox, tames it =the ego, and then rides the ox back to the public marketplace.

The last stage - one no longer withdraws from society to seek - but now re-enters the public or social sphere - = market place, by art, science, culture, good works - many different things - to share that what one found, experienced about the 'one , real self' (Xtians call it 'god') of all beings. I do that through the very mundane, concrete process of painting.

IF you wish - go to my site www.newstylesgallery.info
Se the first page on the left - look for the SLIDESHOW 22 August. I think that slideshow (more than 300 images) shows clearly the process of painting. Not to admire my work, but to see the process in action -

here the link to THAT slideshow - http://www.newstylesgallery.info/home/22august2012


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Ten BullsorTen Ox Herding Pictures(十