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23 and 26 Feb Making the invisible visible by my art....

My work, by means of the code of the painterly discourse
 (or the interpersonal or intersubjective, socio-cultural practice of painting)
uses (and develops and extends the use made of)
 its tools (such as styles, technique, composition, color, form, etc) to
make the invisible visible......

.........23 February. My work by the code of the traditional painterly  discourse or cultural practice

 uses the tools (eg technique, style, colors, forms, composition, etc)
to make the
invisible visible...

so near to the heart of creation,
but, in this life,
never close enough......

How to look at my , or any, work of art -


from ART STUFF November, 2011

1. The Formal Framework - Visual analysis - Technique - Style - Symbolism and metaphor.

2. The Personal Framework - Reflects the artists life - Links to other aspects which may relate to the artists life.

3. The Cultural Framework - The influences of time and place - Connections to contexts and cultural purposes.

4. The Contemporary Framework - Exploring contemporary issues......

23 Feb invisible

26 Feb My art makes the invisible visible. As the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, even in his most rational period, said: that what is mystical cannot be said but only be shown..

26 Feb