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My explorations in visual art



My paintings are intended to assist in beginning not merely to look at art (and ALL areas of existence), but to SEE or perceive. We direct our eyes, ears anf other senses at objects but we do not actually register them meaningfully in our minds.
My work explores, investigates and breaks down to its essential elements the socio-cultural practice and tradition of western visual art. My own work should not merely be perceived in a critical manner, but the entire code of this practice and tradiition should be questioned and analyzed pre-conceptually. Art like music can be universal, for all people from all ages and cultures.
My work attempts to assist viewers to begin to experience in a personal manner (as if perceiving for the first time,. like a new born child, without any personal attitudes or cultural pre-conceptions and assumptions about art and all aspects of existence) not only the particular work, but all visual art. And, not only the tradiiton and socio-cultural practice of visual art, but all art forms, and all aspects, areas and dimensions of existence on this planet.
The phrase: my art makes the invisible more visible, refers to the above statements.

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YouTube Video