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I was asked by an artist to write something about art and his work for his exhibition statement. Below is what I wrote. It will be seen that I restrict myself to painting as making marks on paper and the structural-functional aspects of a work. I intentionally refrain from using the habitual 1970's French philosophical based art speak - speculations that are meaningless.

BUT, visual art must and should speak for itself and words are unnecessary.
The work of the serious , like that of Mr  R  P are to be viewed and reviewed frequently, but apart from the aesthetic enjoyment it provides it is a sound financial investment. I am fascinated and struck by his work as it reveals an amazing maturity. His maturity and seriousness are confirmed by often restricted palette he employs, like a master; by his subject matter and the fact that he does not attempt to fabricate 'nice pictures', but concerns himself with the exploration of the basic structures of painting, namely color, form, composition and the process of painting itself. In other words all aspects of the contemporary perception of painting as 'making marks on paper' and showing instead of hiding this process as is the case with the traditional idea of viewing painting merely as a tool to depict a recognizable, figurative image.

The act of painting itself and dealing with the basic structures being encountered in this process are what a work is about. When a work leaves the hands of the artist s/he can no longer control the image, the new creation. it becomes whatever meaning the viewer projects on to it, whatever interpretation a viewer projects on it. The artist does control his work forever, for eternity, by the mental hints and perceptual suggestions created by his manipulation of color, form, composition, technique, media, etc. By his often masterly employment and control of these elements Gregory Milburn realizes and insures that his work exhibit multiple meanings and countless interpretations.

Dr Ulrich de Balbian (curator) www.newstylesgallery.info

From a professor friend in the USA -  posted forthe second paragraph -

Congratulations are in order, friend. I was thinking last week about your birthday in December but forgot the exact date.
Inwardly working with what I call the "felt edge" of the body where time and space aren't influential. It's taken me years of yoga and meditation to even believe it's there. Your painting is right in there. So much of life can't or doesn't want to see that dimension.

Prof Dr David T - 30/12/2013 -
You're always welcome to use my verbiage for anything you need. Actually, it grows out of some homiletic material I came up with yesterday around logos and Word made flesh. Nothing new.  Just a connection made realizing that another dimension was introduced when Logos was allowed to escape its natural state of silence.