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Please never write about my visual art in words - if I wished to express it in words I would have done that - and better than any reviewer, curator or critic.

This is visual art, so appreciate it in that way.

Do not be concerned about biographical details as that will not assist in perceiving my work -

the countries where I have lived and my personal life are irrelevant, I accidentally appeared on

this planet and certain continents, at a certain time and in certain cultures, not by choice.

Merely encounter my work - that is it, nothing more and nothing less is necessary.

When works are large, viewers participate in them, as if they are part of them,

when images are small/er we treat them as if they are objects to look AT, like

a table, chair, face, figure, dog, cat or a pair of shoes. Be aware of this limiting

attitude the human 'mind'/perception has been socialized in, so liberate yourself
from your socio-cultural situation, prejudices, assumptions and attitudes, so as
to be free and VISUALLY interact with my visual art.