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Artists make their

subconsciousness  visible

Artists make their subconsciousness visible

I explored the fact that much of what an artists does occurs in his subconsciousness.
It is 'there' that 'images' are stored, transformed and dug out or made visible.

Many American Abstract Expressionists believed the above to be the case and
used this insights as a principle that guided their work practice itself.

In my own case this storehouse is combined with my philosophical reflections
on and explorations of how my 'aesthetic-related' insights, perception and
thinking on art works.

Compare the above thoughts with the following  words on the American
Expressionists in general and Motherwell in particular -

the artist  works through his philosophical speculations as well as more,
'strictly artistic problems, in the viscosity of paint, of color fields, form, colour,
composition, line, texture, etc.

The works on display on my blogs, site (www.newstylesgallery.info,
Facebook, etc) reveal the thoughtful and inventive manner with which Ulrich,
I, approach my work and display the prolonged relevance of both my more
aesthetic inquiries, as well as my philosophical analyses of, reflections on
and explorations of the subconscious and conscious 'thinking' and activities
of the artist.

It was Matta who introduced Motherwell to the concept of “automatic” drawings.
The Surrealists often deployed the process of automatism, or abstract “automatic”
doodling to tap into their unconscious.  Compare this with what I expressed above
about my own way of working.

This concept had a lasting effect on Motherwell, but it was conceptually
changed, when Motherwell met Wolfgang Paalen in Mexico and decided to
prolong his stay and to spent several months in his studio.

5th May, 2015. ulrich