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Latest Work 21 and 22 February

Minimalist explorations in colors, forms, etc.

In NSES  = New Styles (NS), End of all Styles (ES).

I (still, at my old age) live, am alive,

because I must paint.

Stand back from your screen so that your brain is able to
create a unity , or one whole image
(instead of merely looking at the individual parts of the image).

Our brains have the habit of 'looking at' smaller works,
as if it is an object (to be perceived),

while it treats larger works differently, namely,
one experiences larger work as if one is part of it,
or inside it. (Think of the very large scenes of a group of people,
landscapes etc of the old masters, or the Impressionist, such as
Monet's waterlilies....).

21 Feb

22 Feb