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(working in series)

These are just a selected number of images from the FA-series.This series, like most, consists of roughly 1000 images.
to understand a particular work it is advisable to view it in the context of its series.
I ,unintentionally, work in series. A series is concerned with the (pre-conceptual and/or pre-rational) exploration of things such as colours, tones,

form, shape, composition, texture and much else.
When an artist completes a work, the meanings projected on it, the interpretations made of it a work and the interpretations made of it
depend on viewers and their perceptions and the artist has little or no control over it.
To view series go to my site - http://www.newstylesgallery.info. ulrich 27/01/2014

series FA 1 JUNE, 2013 - slide show of series